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Ashwasana Mahapatra

MHBacademy Certified, GGS- Women's coaching specialist

  • Category: Standard Pro
  • Gender: Female
  • Language Spoken: English, Hindi, Oriya

From an engineer by education to a fitness coach as a full time career , I turned my passion into profession.

At the age of 22,after going through extremely unhealthy lifestyle and body shamed for a longest period of time I decided to take care of myself. Hence, I started reading more about nutrition and health online, lost 35kgs in the process, enrolled myself courses which made me inclined towards nutrition and fitness and soon in no time my passion and curiosity for the same has turned into a career path for me.
For me, I just want to help people with the correct knowledge in making changes to their daily habits by having fun in their transformation journey!

Ashwasana Mahapatra's Transformations Stories