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Frequently Asked Question

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please submit your question to info@myhealthbuddy.co


How are you different from other nutritionists?
We set ourselves apart from other companies by making women’s health our main goal. We pride ourselves in being women health experts who cater to many health conditions that go unseen in women and postpartum moms such as PCOS, coning, DR, urine incontinence etc. With 98% of our clients being women and over 50% of those clients being moms, we’ve cracked the code on the right formula to help them achieve their health goals.
What kind of diets you guys give?

In simple words, we provide ‘Ghar ka Khana’ which is easy to make, simple which can be made for you and your family in one shot. None of that ‘making different meals for everyone’ natak 😛

The philosophy of our diet is simply ‘quantified nutrition’ where we create a diet plan based on the right amount of calories for you, right number of macros (protein, fat and carbs), include nutrient dense food which will give you the needed micronutrients (minerals, vitamins & antioxidants).

How often do you change the diet plan?
This solely depends on the client and how comfortable they are with the diet plan. If they wish for more options, the current plan is not working or perhaps they’re bored of the plan, it can be changed. We generally update the plan every 7-10 days.
Can I eat food from outside?
Yes, everything in moderation is fine. Your buddy will help you with it and include your favourite meals in your plan.


What is the role of a buddy?

Our buddies are here to help you throughout your health journey. Let it be your diet plan, food habits, exercise plan, creating sustainable habits, managing stress and creating healthy sleep patterns, our buddies are here to walk on this journey with you entirely

What if I don't like the Buddy assigned to me?
Well that generally doesn’t happen but if something like this comes up then we have a criteria to change the buddy and we definitely look into what didn’t work out.
How experienced are your Buddies?
With internationally recognized certifications and tons of expertise, our buddies bring a deep understanding of women’s health such as PCOS, thyroid and an in-depth knowledge of postpartum health including DR, pelvic organ prolapse, urine incontinence, coning and much more! Our buddies are certificated from some of the best fitness and nutrition certifications in the world including Precision Nutrition, ISSA, ACE, GGS and our very own internationally certified MHB Academy course! We put them through rigorous assessments, training and a log interview process to give you the cream of the crop!
How often can I interact with my Buddy?
There is a daily access to coach over whatsapp messages for query handling, and a weekly progress call is scheduled between you both. Sunday is off for them!
What Is the Difference between buddies?
These are the different categories of the coaches. The methodology and the philosophy is exactly the same across all the buddies. There is no difference in the service offered. However, the premium coaches and standard pro coaches are more experienced and have coached more clients with MHB!! Premium coaches overview and review Standard coaches. Elite coaches are our top most coaches 🙂 But rest assured, you are always in good hands!


How much weight can I target in a month? How quickly can I lose weight?
We understand that you’re keen to see results, but it’s important to understand that the weight that has taken years to accumulate cannot shed instantly. We need you to trust that you’re in good hands and you will see your weight shed slowly & in a healthy, safe manner. On an average, we would say that 2-3 kgs in a month is a good pace!
So how do you monitor progress?

Our buddies monitor your progress in many ways. Now with our newly launched app, they can track your progress with adherence to your diet plan, exercise plan, steps, and body measurements. Of course, we cannot negate other achievements such as better energy, better sleep and more stamina!

How do you monitor sleep and stress?

Sleep and stress definitely hamper fat loss. That’s the whole essence of a buddy working closely with you. We will work on your sleep cycle, quality and duration. Also help you identify the stress triggers and how you can better deal with them.

Most of the stress in our life is perceived stress. We need to find ways to respond to such situations in a better way and that’s where the coaching comes handy.
Right nutrition coupled with a structured exercise plan should definitely help you deal with your stressors… Still, if we feel the need, we will suggest some mindfulness based apps that help in de-stressing and calming.
We measure sleep duration and quantity through fitness bands or some free apps available.

What is the significance of "habit formation" part?
At MHB, we truly believe that motivation is short lived but habits are forever. Creating sustainable habits is what will help you lose weight as well as keep it off in the long run. We help you understand the importance of creating habits (whether it’s your diet, exercise, sleep or stress management) around your daily routine because what works for one person will not work for the next.


Is this an online only program or do we have to meet in person?
The program is completely online, there will be no offline sessions or meetups.
Do I have to join the gym?

Joining the gym is not compulsory. Our buddies are well equipped with effective home workouts.

Where can I sign up?

Click Here to fill our form, Once you fill in your details, our sales team will connect with you in 24 hours over Whatsapp.

How long does it take to start the plan after payment?
We count the program from the day you get your first diet plan and not from the day you make payment. The plan takes 5-7 days to start.