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Priyanka lost 21Kgs with thyroid PCOD

  • Before weight 91 kgs
  • After weight 70 kgs
  • Duration 6 months

Priyanka Khanna lost 21 Kgs & lot of inches 😱

Starting weight : 91 kgs
Current Weight : 70 kgs
Duration : 6 months

“I am having thyroid and #PCOD. After birth of my daughter in 2016 , i gained 17 kgs.
I tried various types of exercise at home to reduce my weight on my own without any professional guidance but no luck. I was also afraid of starting any #dietprogram.

During the covid lockdown period , i gained 10 more kgs so my weight reached 92 kgs. I came across Ishita’s and MHB profile on Instagram. I was impressed with the #transformationjourney of MHB Clients so i reached out to MHB and enrolled with Ishita.

Ishita discussed with me about my health, my medical condition , and my daily routine. She then started with a #dietplan for me along with exercises at home. I began with that plan and exercises . This really helped me and i started getting results from first week itself.

For more than 6 years , i was unable to reduce my weight. After joining MHB program under Ishita , i have reduced 21 kgs in 6 months.

She keep a daily check on how i am following the plan or there is any challenge that she can fix and advice something more comfortable to me.

She motivates me to keep going and stay focused to achieve my desired transformation. I’m very thankful to her and MHB for this continuous guidance.”

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