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Sakshi Garg lost 22 Kgs weightloss story

  • Before weight 91 kgs
  • After weight 69 kgs
  • Duration 3 months

Sakshi Garg lost 22 Kgs👇

Start weight : 91 Kgs
End weight : 69 Kgs

“After the delivery of my baby i used to feel bad seeing in the mirror, disappointed in myself , felt discomfort and lost stamina to even go to kitchen to drink water.

Even my husband said he was not happy seeing me like this . This really triggered me and i was not able to decide what to do where to start from. Small baby in hands can’t go to gym also. How will i loose so much fat.

Then after searching the net for lot of options , I came across myhealthbuddy. I decided to give it a chance though i was really not sure because online programs are not trustworthy.

When i started the journey i was 91.25kgs and varsha was my health buddy . She helped me in every possible way to reach this far.

When i started i never thought i would loose 22 kgs which could only be possible because of varsha ❤️

Initially i took plan for 1month,then renewed for 3 months and lost 17kgs so i thought to continue it to next 3 months. I never thought my weight would drop below 70kgs. But this magic happened. And i am so greatfull for extending my plan.

Following the plan, target meets , consistency helped me to achieve what i wanted to.

Thanks to MHB and my buddy Varsha for helping me in this journey”

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